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Texas A&M-Texarkana

At Texas A&M-Texarkana we’re heading for a record year in enrollment, with numbers trending upward by 10-12 percent as we head into the fall. Much of the growth is coming from our continued “downward expansion,” i.e., our move to enroll freshmen and sophomores (up until 2010, we had only admitted transfer students as upperclassmen seeking bachelor’s degrees). To accommodate the new students, we are building two state-of-the-art facilities: a recreation center and an academic building. In the fall, we will open the Red River Innovation Laboratory for the Humanities, which will provide an intellectual hub for student-faculty research and community partnerships.

  |  14460 Falls of Neuse Rd., Suite 149-279, Raleigh, NC 27614 |  202-281-5115

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