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Who We Are

For more than 70 years the American Conference of Academic Deans (ACAD) has been a place for academic administrators to connect and engage in conversations about their work in the Academy. At its core, ACAD is about building relationships and encouraging colleagues to support one another in their work. Administration can be hard, lonely work and ACAD is there to bring people together to provide them the support and resources they need to be their best.

Since 1945 ACAD has provided:

  • a mutual support system for academic officers from the associate dean level through the chief academic officer.
  • partnerships with other organizations/associations who work with academic leaders.
  • opportunities to engage in remarkable conversations that will help reignite the spark that got you into administration in the first place.
  • conferences and workshops for professional development.
  • a broad array of ways to network with a diverse range of educational leaders across the nation.

ACAD is, at its core…

  • committed to the ideals of a liberal education and supports academic leaders in their work
  • about exposure to other models and ideas across the sector.
  • about networking.
  • a place to talk with peers about emerging challenges and issues.
  • a place to access early insights into emerging trends.
  • the place where the work academic leaders engage in on important issues around academics, personnel, fundraising, facilities, etc. come together.
  • a membership driven organization that provides academic leaders with the resources they need to excel in their field.
  • ACAD Statement on Racial Justice

If you have more questions about who we are and if we’re a good fit for you, please email us at and include “Membership Inquiry” in the subject line.

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