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The ACAD Leader reflects our mission to provide academic leaders who share a commitment to student learning and to the ideals of liberal education with networking and professional development opportunities and to support them in their work as educational leaders. The Leader is a forum for members to share experiences and opinions related to their work as academic administrators. In addition, it provides members and prospective members with news about ACAD events.

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Latest Issue

From the Chair

Laura Behling • Chair of the Board of Directors ACAD & Professor of English and former Dean of the College and VPAA • Knox College • Galesburg, Ilinois

April 3, 2019

Laura Behling, Chair of the ACAD Board notes the upcoming 75th anniversary of ACAD’s founding and its new partnership with a grant-writing agency in Washington, D.C., that will offer special webinars for ACAD members.

Invest Strategically in Faculty Leaders to Achieve Institutional Global Learning Goals

Dana Gross • Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary and General Studies, Professor of Psychology • St. Olaf College • Northfield, Minnesota

Joan Gillespie • Instructor, Higher Education Administration, School of Education and Social Policy • Northwestern University • Evanston, Illinois

April 3, 2019

Gross and Gillespie explore how investing in faculty who lead immersive global learning experiences is an effective way to maximize students’ intercultural learning and achieve strategic institutional goals.

Leading Collaborative Change

Jenna Templeton • Vice President for Academic Affairs • Chatham University • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ron Cole • Provost and Dean of the College • Allegheny College • Meadville, Pennsylvania

April 3, 2019

Case studies from two small, private institutions provide insights into managing change to strategically optimize enrollment, shared governance, and long-term resiliency.

Change Management for People Who Hate Change: Conducting a Transformative Program Review

Margaret Farrar • Dean, College of Arts and Sciences • John Carroll University • University Heights, Ohio

April 3, 2019

Strategies to help deans use Academic Program Review (APR) to motivate transformative change in their departments, divisions, or colleges.

Campus to Career: Innovation to Promote Curricular and Co-Curricular Integration

Kerry Pannell • Vice President for Academic Programs • The Council of Independent Colleges • Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Cannady • Assistant Dean of the College, Director of Academic Advising and Student Success • Agnes Scott College • Decatur, Georgia

Machamma Quinichett • Director of SUMMIT Advisors • Agnes Scott College • Decatur, Georgia

Anne Harris • Vice President for Academic Affairs • DePauw University • Greencastle, Indiana

Cindy Babington • Vice President for Strategic Initiatives • DePauw University • Greencastle, Indiana

Amity Reading • Assistant Professor of English • DePauw University • Greencastle, Indiana

April 3, 2019

This article explores planning and implementation efforts at DePauw University and Agnes Scott College focused on integrating curricular and co-curricular experiences to help students be successful in their post-undergraduate careers.

Roundtable Reflections on Engaging and Mentoring New Faculty toward Success in the 21st Century

Paula L. O'Loughlin • Provost and Dean of the Faculty • Coe College • Cedar Rapids, Iowa

April 3, 2019

Summarizing a roundtable conversation held at the 2019 Deans’ Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, on mentoring new faculty, this article explores emerging best practices.

Conducting an Investigation: Advice to Deans

Marcy Brown Marsden • Dean, McCoy College of Science, Mathematics and Engineering • Midwestern State University • Wichita Falls, Texas

April 3, 2019

Marsden explores skills and tools to help deans conduct accurate and thorough investigations.

You CAN Go Home Again

Susan E. Mason • Professor of Psychology • Niagara University • Niagara University, New York

April 3, 2019

A former dean and academic vice president, Mason briefly recounts her experience returning to the faculty and notes that a smooth transition depends on having time to prepare, sufficient resources, and supportive colleagues.

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